Solar Panel with Portable Fan - USB

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How do you cool your home? Hot days and nights can be so sticky - sometimes you just want a nice breeze to cool you off.  The OFF GRID LIVING solar panel and fan combo can do just that! Great for travel, home or camping, get in quick to keep cool on those hot days!

Fans go hand-in-hand with home technology. They help prevent moisture buildup and move air from one place to another, cooling down overheated spaces. If you have a need for a fan at home, why not choose a solar fan?

Solar fans run off solar energy, taking away the need for extension cables, power cords, and outlets. To boot, solar fans are a lot better for the environment since the energy they use is entirely clean and sustainable.

And they can actually save you a lot of money!



The fan runs when plugged into the solar panel. The fan can also be used alone by plugging into a USB port, such as a computer or cellphone charger.

When paired with the solar panel, the speed of the fan depends on the sunlight strength. When the sunlight is strong, the fan goes fast. When the sunshine is not so strong, the fan may work at a slower speed.




Name Solar Panel with Portable Fan - USB
Solar Panel Power 5W, 6V 
Panel Features Waterproof, strong panel
Panel Application Charger for power bank and electronic products
Fan Size 8 inch
Fan Material Metal and plastic
Fan Power USB Plug - 5V
USB cable length 120cm


Package Includes:

  • 1x Solar panel
  • 1x 4 inch USB fan