Emergency Pocket Steel Wire Saw

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Outdoor enthusiasts are always looking for ways to make their gear lighter and more compact, without sacrificing quality. Saws are a handy tool to take outdoors, for use with things like cutting firewood. Unfortunately for campers and other outdoor addicts, saws and hand saws are usually too big to take with you on adventures. That's where this handy, compact pocket saw comes into play.

This saw is compact and very easy to use. Simply wrap it around a small to medium size tree limb, place you fingers in the loops and pull back and forth in a sawing motion. The fine, shaped wire quickly slices through wood and many other materials, making it the perfect tool for anyone heading outdoors. Take it everywhere you go in case of emergency, small enough to fit anywhere you need.


  • Ultra thin wire
  • Metal loop handles
  • Compact, lightweight design