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Off Grid Living for Beginners



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No previous electrical or solar knowledge required to start with this pack!

Do you want to know how to install, maintain and troubleshoot your own Solar Power? 

Why pay someone else crazy money to do something you can learn easily?

You are going to have to know how it works eventually anyway! Even if you don't install it yourself - if it breaks and/or needs maintenance who will be doing that? Every time?

The Solar Power Premium Pack promises to hold your hand through the Solar Power learning curve and be your primary reference you can access any time - forever!

What's included: 

  1. The best selling eBook -Do It Yourself Solar Panels. This ebook will take you from knowing nothing about renewable energy to knowing exactly what you need and how it all fits together to power your home. 
  2. The before you purchase final inspection checklist. Follow this checklist before you spend any money on hard items. Tick all the boxes to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck and needs. 
  3. A project budgeting/forecasting calculator. Need to save up for this big investment? Follow this budgeting excel template to see when and how you will be able to afford renewable energy. *works for all projects*. 
  4. A Solar payback calculator. Quickly calculate when your specific solar set up would have paid for itself. Calculate your pay back to the grid price. Is it even worth it for you? 
  5. Home Made Ground Mount Racking ebook. Follow this detailed mounting design including photos to create the most efficient place to hold your Solar panels. 
  6.  Maintenance and Inspection Checklist. You have your perfect Solar set up now let's make sure it runs for as long and as efficiently as possible. Follow this detailed checklist to ensure you are looking after your expensive investment. 
  7. BONUS - The Pre-Purchase Checklist. Before you spend $$$ make 100% sure you are buying the right stuff at the right price and have not forgotten anything.
  8. Access to Solar Experts. - Information and Guidance on demand

Please note - this is a digital download, not a physical product.


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